Built-in Maps
ConstructConstruct O EpitaphEpitaph O

Guardian ★Guardian O

High GroundHighGround O
IsolationIsolation O Last ResortLastResort O

NarrowsNarrows O

Sandtrap ☆Sandtrap O
SnowboundSnowbound O The Pit ★ThePit O

ValhallaValhalla O

AssemblyAssembly O AvalancheAvalanche O

BlackoutBlackout O

Citadel ★Citadel O
Cold Storage ☆ColdStorage O Foundry ★Foundry O

Ghost TownGhostTown O

HereticHeretic O
LongshoreLongshore O Orbital ★Orbital O

Rats Nest ★RatsNest O

Sandbox ★Sandbox O

StandoffStandoff O

Gametypes icon
Updated 10-25-11

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